Tuesday, December 5

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The Haitian government supports football selections

The Haitian government supports football selections

The Haitian government has granted a subsidy of 20 million gourdes to the Haitian Football Federation (FHF) to support the participation of the men's national team in the 2023 Gold Cup and the women's national team in the World Cup in Australia/New Zealand. Patrick Massenat received the check on behalf of the Normalization Committee at the FHF. Furthermore, FIFA has provided a payment of $2,528,750 to the FHF for the participation of the Grenadières in the Women's World Cup. This dual allocation demonstrates the Haitian government's commitment to the development of national football by promoting gender equality and supporting Haitian teams on the international stage. READ ALSO : OFATMA supports disabled individuals in Haiti The Gold Cup offers a significant opportunity for the Ha...
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