Mass Rally in Cap-Haïtien: Jean Charles Moise’s Ultimatum

Mass Rally in Cap-Haïtien: Jean Charles Moise’s Ultimatum

A massive crowd filled the streets of Cap-Haïtien on Friday to welcome former senator Jean Charles Moise. The charismatic leader of the Pitit Desalin movement seized the opportunity to deliver a powerful message to the members of the Presidential Council.

Jean Charles Moise, visibly invigorated by the enthusiastic reception from his supporters, addressed a sea of people gathered to hear him speak. “If the Presidential Councilors refuse to work, I will instruct my representative, Emmanuel Vertilaire, to resign from the Presidential Council, and I will continue to protest in the streets,” declared the former senator, to thunderous applause from the crowd.

Political analysts anticipate that this declaration will have significant repercussions in the coming days, potentially leading to further protests and an escalation of popular demands. With the country already facing numerous socio-economic challenges, political tensions could reach new heights. Nevertheless, supporters of Pitit Desalin and Jean Charles Moise remain mobilized, prepared to take to the streets once more to uphold their beliefs and pressure the government to take action.

Jean Charles Moise’s message is unequivocal: it’s time for action, not complacency. Should the Presidential Council fail to heed this call, the former senator is prepared to continue the struggle until the end.


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