Monday, December 4

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Women’s World Cup: Good news for Haitian players

Women’s World Cup: Good news for Haitian players

$2,528,750.00 is the total sum that the Haitian Football Federation will receive for the participation of the Grenadières in the World Cup. $968,750 of this sum is allocated to the preparation of the team and $1,560,000 as participation fees. READ ALSO : 5 dead in the civil prison of Petit-Goâve FIFA will support a total of 50 people per delegation. FIFA requires each player to receive a minimum of $30,000 as a participation fee. This amount does not include the $8,000 qualification fee granted to each player by the Federation. Any surplus funds must be invested in the football of the participating country to help the associations and to develop football. FIFA recalls that it will audit the use of these funds.
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