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John Mitchel Théodore: A visionary through the lens

John Mitchel Théodore: A visionary through the lens

John Mitchel Théodore, more than just the CEO of Théo Photography, is an artisan of imagery who embodies the fusion of intellectual curiosity and artistic passion. His journey, marked by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, portrays a man who is both unassuming and determined, skillfully navigating between the realms of automotive mechanics, entrepreneurship, and visual art. In 2014, John Mitchel graduated with a diploma in auto-diesel mechanics from the Center for Professional Training (CPFP), heralding the commencement of a unique odyssey. His insatiable curiosity propels him to explore a myriad of fields, from leadership and governance to visual arts. The corridors of Laval University and McGill University serve as his havens, where he immerses himself in subjects like employabilit...
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