Monday, December 4

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Dorval Case: Martine Moïse Declines Judge’s Summons

Dorval Case: Martine Moïse Declines Judge’s Summons

In the context of the case surrounding the assassination of Me Monferrier Dorval in 2020, Martine Moïse, the widow of former Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, has made a significant decision by refusing the summons issued by investigating judge Marthel Jean Claude. This summons was intended to call her in for questioning regarding elements related to this troubling case. The announcement of this refusal was communicated by Martine Moïse's lawyers, who also formally requested a postponement of this summons. The assassination of Me Monferrier Dorval, a prominent lawyer and law professor, deeply shook Haitian society, eliciting strong reactions both nationally and internationally. The circumstances surrounding this murder had remained unclear until now, giving rise to various speculations ...
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