Barbancourt Distillery Strikes Gold Again with Haitian Proof Rum

Barbancourt Distillery Strikes Gold Again with Haitian Proof Rum

Barbancourt, a renowned institution in Haiti since 1862, has added new accolades to its already prestigious repertoire. The company proudly announced yesterday, Thursday, that it had secured two gold medals at international competitions for its famous Haitian Proof white rum.

“The greatest honor, a double gold medal, unanimous from the jury, for our Haitian Proof white rum!” exclaimed CEO Delphine Gardere in a passionate statement on her X account. This international recognition not only underscores the exceptional quality of the product but also Barbancourt’s artisanal craftsmanship and ongoing commitment to excellence.

Haitian Proof white rum, known for its distinctive character and refined taste, has captivated the palates of international judges, thereby solidifying its place among the world’s finest spirits. This double victory reaffirms Barbancourt’s position as a true ambassador of Haitian culture across the globe.

The gold medals earned by Barbancourt also testify to the company’s constant innovation, continually pushing the boundaries of excellence in the spirits industry. This achievement is the result of hard work, decades of expertise, and unwavering dedication to delivering products of exceptional quality.

As a national pride, Barbancourt continues to proudly fly Haiti’s colors on the world stage, adding a touch of tradition and refinement to every sip of its award-winning rum. This double victory not only strengthens its reputation as a world-renowned producer but also celebrates the heritage and excellence of the Caribbean island.


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