Abinader asks to drive out undocumented Haitians

Abinader asks to drive out undocumented Haitians

The words of Claude Joseph against Luis Abinader touches the pride of the Dominicans. The former Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs called Abinader a racist while comparing him to the Dominican dictator, Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, the latter who massacred thousands of Haitians in 1937.

Dominican deputies describe Claude Joseph as an extremist, someone who is struggling to create a place for himself in the Haitian political environment.

Joseph has taken up the cause of Haitian nationals in the Dominican Republic as his hobbyhorse. He closely monitors the neighboring authorities who are very mean to the Haitian community.

Claude Joseph wrote to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the racist behavior of Dominicans. “Every day, hundreds of Haitians are systematically hunted down, illegally arrested, arbitrarily detained and savagely returned to official and unofficial points,” he said.

The Haitians are deported without having had time to take their luggage. Some parents are turned away without their children. Claude Joseph invites the UN to pay sustained attention to what the Dominican Republic is doing against the Haitians.


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