Saturday, December 2

Accusations of Gang Support: Youri Latortue and Prophane Victor Implicated in Haiti’s Escalating Instability

Haiti’s instability reaches a new zenith as a United Nations expert group report singles out two influential political figures, Youri Latortue and Prophane Victor, for their alleged support of notorious gangs in the Artibonite region.

Prophane Victor stands accused of complicity with the “Gran grif” gang, a notably violent and well-armed group engaged in criminal activities such as extortion, drug trafficking, and abductions. The UN report contends that Prophane Victor not only maintained connections with this gang but also provided financial and logistical support, thereby enabling its survival and expansion.

On the other hand, Youri Latortue, a former senator and prominent member of the Haitian political elite, faces accusations of close associations with the “Kokorat san ras” gang. This equally violent gang is involved in comparable criminal activities, including extortion, arms trafficking, and territorial dominance. According to the UN report, Latortue’s proximity to this gang has contributed to its impunity, thus allowing the continuation of its illicit operations.

These revelations cast a stark light on the extent of Haiti’s gang problem and raise pressing questions regarding the accountability of political leaders in combatting this menace. For an extended period, these gangs have served as substantial obstacles to the country’s development and security, expanding their influence into various regions, including the Artibonite, where gang violence and criminal activities have inflicted immeasurable suffering on the local populace. The UN report points directly at Youri Latortue and Prophane Victor for their purported roles in perpetuating this insecurity.

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