American Senators Call for International Action in Haiti

American Senators Call for International Action in Haiti

Critical voices are being heard within the U.S. Senate regarding the political situation in Haiti, where de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry seeks to remain in power despite the expiration of the December 21, 2022 Agreement on February 7.

Senators Ed Markey and Raphael Warnock have expressed their dissatisfaction with this situation, highlighting Mr. Henry’s failure to honor his commitments.

According to the senators’ statements, the de facto Prime Minister has once again disappointed by not adhering to the terms of the agreement, which envisaged the formation of an interim government and the holding of elections within a specified timeframe. Instead, Ariel Henry seems to be seeking to extend his term in disregard of the expectations of the Haitian people and the international community.

In a joint statement, Senators Markey and Warnock called on the Biden administration to take strong action to support the Haitian people in their quest for democracy and political stability. They urged the United States to exert diplomatic pressure on the de facto government in collaboration with other international actors to ensure that serious and concrete measures are taken.”


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