Tuesday, December 5

An association of magistrates regrets the strike of clerks

The work stoppages of prosecutors and clerks paralyze the functioning of the courts and courts of the Republic, regrets the Professional Association of Magistrates.

This structure attacks the authorities in place who, according to it, show indifference to the demands of the strikers. While supporting the reasons for these work stoppages, the APM urges the government to take all measures to meet the demands of the protesters.

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It should be noted that the National Association of Haitian Registrars (ANAGH) notes the lack of will of the authorities concerned (the Minister of Justice and Public Security Me Émilie Prophet Milcé, the Minister of Finance Mr Patrick Boivert and the Prime Minister Dr Ariel Henry), to satisfy the just and well-founded demands of the Clerks and Public Prosecutors of the Republic, with a view to facilitating the resumption of judicial work.

Faced with this observation, the ANAGH is forced to maintain the slogan of a strike until real progress is observed*, regarding the promises that have been made by the officials of the Ministry of Justice, concerning the various claims of the Clerks and Public Prosecutors of the Republic.

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