Ariel Henry: “One transition cannot lead to another transition!”

Ariel Henry: “One transition cannot lead to another transition!”

In a speech addressed to the nation during the night of February 7, Prime Minister Ariel Henry expressed his condolences to the victims of the recent violence that has rocked the country. As Haiti continues to face major political and social challenges, Henry issued a passionate appeal for national unity as the key to overcoming this crisis.

Henry emphasized the importance of national unity in overcoming the divisions and tensions that have fueled recent turmoil. He called on all Haitians, regardless of their political affiliations or beliefs, to come together in a spirit of solidarity to rebuild the country.

The Prime Minister also underscored the importance of political stability in ensuring the success of the ongoing transition. He asserted that the transitional government was determined to create the necessary conditions for holding credible and transparent elections in the near future.

The Prime Minister concluded his speech by reaffirming his commitment to the Haitian people and calling for unity and solidarity to face the challenges ahead.

“One transition cannot lead to another transition!” This is Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s statement in response to those calling for his resignation. “The primary mission of a transitional government is to create the conditions necessary for holding elections,” Ariel Henry reiterated.


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