Biden’s Program: Haitians at the Forefront

Biden’s Program: Haitians at the Forefront
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Recently, the Miami Herald shed light on a significant aspect of the American resettlement program initiated under the Biden administration, based on statistical data from the Cato Institute. Nearly 2 million asylum applications are currently awaiting processing, and this figure pertains to four countries, remaining valid until the end of July 2023.

These statistics reveal the substantial impact of this program on asylum seekers from various regions, including Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

At the top of this list are the Haitians, with over 580,000 applications submitted. This reflects the precarious situation currently faced by Haiti, plagued by political instability, violence, and natural disasters. Haitians, seeking a better life for themselves and their families, have flocked to the United States in significant numbers.

The second position is held by Cubans, with approximately 380,000 applications. This trend is partly due to political uncertainties in Cuba, which have driven many Cubans to seek refuge in the United States.

Venezuela is also strongly represented in this tableau, with around 120,000 applications. The economic and political crisis in the South American country has prompted many Venezuelans to seek a new life in America.

Finally, Nicaragua completes the list with around 20,000 pending applications. While this number is significantly lower than the other countries, it highlights the challenges faced by Nicaraguans due to political instability and repression in their homeland.


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