BSAP Makes a Presence in Mirebalais

BSAP Makes a Presence in Mirebalais

Yesterday morning, the residents of Mirebalais witnessed a spectacular demonstration by the Brigade de Sécurité des Aires Protégées (BSAP), resulting in the temporary closure of National Highway #3.

The BSAP agents strategically positioned themselves near the bridge spanning the Fer à Cheval River, connecting the municipalities of Mirebalais and Hinche. Commencing at 11:10 AM, no vehicles were allowed to traverse the bridge towards the departmental capital of Centre. Only pedestrians were granted permission to cross, leading to a temporary halt in vehicular traffic.

The move by the BSAP aimed to showcase their presence and underscore the importance of safeguarding protected areas. This demonstration not only drew the attention of the local population but also prompted discussions on the role and responsibilities of the BSAP in ensuring the security of these designated zones.


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