Claude Joseph protested against Ariel Henry and expressed his demands

Claude Joseph protested against Ariel Henry and expressed his demands

On Sunday, the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince was the scene of a demonstration initiated by the political party “Engaged for Development”. This citizen mobilization brought together protesters from all walks of life, united in their demands for significant political change in Haiti.

The protesters had multiple demands that encompassed various aspects of the current situation in Haiti. First and foremost, they strongly demanded the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who is seen by many as a major obstacle to resolving the ongoing political crisis.

The protesters also denounced the racism faced by some Haitians in the Dominican Republic, expressing solidarity with their fellow countrymen who suffer from it. Claude Joseph, the leader of the “Engaged for Development” party, played a central role in this historic demonstration.

He announced his disengagement from the ongoing political negotiations and joined the protesters on the streets, thus marking a significant turning point in the mobilization against the current government. Claude Joseph expressed his dedication to the cause and his belief that Ariel Henry’s departure from the Prime Minister’s office is essential to ease the crisis and pave the way for a more stable political future for Haiti.


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