DELIMART: Long-Awaited Reopening After the Riots!

DELIMART: Long-Awaited Reopening After the Riots!

The DELIMART supermarket will reopen its doors on June 30th, after being looted and vandalized during the July 2018 riots protesting against fuel price increases. DELIMART was a key player in the region, creating over 150 direct jobs and indirectly supporting thousands more.

Its reopening is excellent news for the local community, which has faced difficulties accessing essential goods since its closure. The owners have worked hard to repair the damages, investing substantial resources.

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The reopening of DELIMART will have a positive economic impact, rehiring previous employees and creating new job opportunities. This will stimulate the local economy and improve residents’ quality of life. In conclusion, the reopening of DELIMART on June 30th is a significant milestone for the local community.

DELIMART will once again play a crucial role in providing goods and employment, contributing to the recovery and economic revitalization following the 2018 riots.


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