Monday, December 4

Detained for arms trafficking, he received 300,000 gourdes per month from Parliament

The National Police has released a damning report on the alleged involvement of Father Frantz Cole of the Episcopal Church in arms trafficking in Haiti. According to this report, weapons are sometimes stored in Church-affiliated schools and distributed to bandits at night.

The Bureau of Criminal Affairs reported that Father Frantz Cole used the franchise of the Church to bring weapons and ammunition into Haiti. According to the report, every month more than US$30,000 was transferred from the church’s bank account to that of Zimbabwean, Vundla Shikumbuzo.

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A sum that the Episcopal Church of Haiti cannot justify. The Bureau clarified that the network of traffickers who use the franchise of the Episcopal Church are in contact with the gang of Village de Dieu and that of Vitelhomme.

More than a dozen people have been arrested in this case. For now, the authorities are looking for Fathers Jean Madoches Vil and Frantz Desiré, according to the Police.

The police indicate that Father Frantz Cole is the holder of several well-stocked bank accounts and real estate. The father detained for arms trafficking received a check for 300,000 gourdes per month from Parliament.

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