Saturday, December 2

Drug trafficking: US sanctions Hervé Fourcand and Rony Célestin

Senator Rony Célestin and former senator Hervé Fourcand fall under US sanctions for their alleged involvement in drug trafficking. According to a press release from the US Treasury Department, US prosecutors have targeted two political figures for their alleged involvement in drug trafficking in the region.

These two Haitian political personalities were already on the list of 8 personalities that the Canadian government sanctioned for their support to armed gangs and their participation in corrupt activities in Haiti, these personalities are former and current high officials in the Haitian State.

“Rony Celestin and Richard Fourcand are two more examples of corrupt Haitian politicians abusing their power to pursue drug trafficking activities throughout the region,” said Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian E. Nelson.

OFAC states that it “also has information indicating that Fourcand is engaged in international drug trafficking activities.” He uses his own plane to transport drugs to southern Haiti. Fourcand tried to use his political influence to install people in government positions that would help facilitate his drug trafficking activities.”

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