Former CAS Director Stuns Court with Financial Disclosure

Former CAS Director Stuns Court with Financial Disclosure

Port-au-Prince’s Court of Appeal was abuzz this Monday as Edwine Tonton, the former head of the Social Assistance Office (CAS), dropped a bombshell during her hearing. Tonton claimed that she was receiving a monthly salary of 81,000 gourdes, alongside an astonishing 600,000 gourdes credited to her debit card, in addition to a fuel allowance of 225,000 gourdes. However, what left the judges scratching their heads was the revelation that the amount on her debit card far exceeded her monthly salary.

Caught in this perplexing situation, Tonton attempted to provide some clarity. She invoked the Finance Law for the years 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, arguing that, according to this legislation, the debit card was not tied to a fixed salary. This assertion sparked heated debates among the judges, who sought to untangle the complexities of her claim.

Adding another layer to the already convoluted proceedings, Tonton also requested temporary release for medical reasons, citing health issues. She disclosed suffering from arthritis and revealed that she had not menstruated since July 2023, injecting a personal element into the case.

The disclosure of such financial details, coupled with Tonton’s personal health concerns, has injected further complexity into the ongoing legal saga. As the courtroom grapples with these revelations, the case continues to unfold, leaving both the judiciary and the public eager to uncover the truth behind this enigmatic situation.


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