Former Senator Nenel Cassy Interrogated in Corruption Probe

Former Senator Nenel Cassy Interrogated in Corruption Probe

In the midst of an investigation into allegations of corruption within the BMPAD, former senator Nenel Cassy was questioned by Judge Jean Wilner Morin this Thursday. This interrogation, lasting over four hours, shed light on accusations of false asset declarations and illicit enrichment against the former Nippes official.

Following the questioning, Nenel Cassy was allowed to return home, but he is now required to remain available to the justice system for any potential developments in the case. Judicial authorities have also issued a travel ban against his wife, Catherine Chéry Cassy, suggesting she might also be implicated in the affair.

It’s worth noting that this case has also drawn the attention of the United States, which has taken sanction measures against Nenel Cassy and his wife. This international involvement underscores the significance of the case and its potential impact on the political reputation and financial stability of those involved.


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