Fuel shortage: long queues observed at gas stations

Fuel shortage: long queues observed at gas stations

Long lines of motorcycles, cars and other vehicles were seen Monday at fuel stations in the Haitian capital, which has been experiencing a shortage of these products for several days.

While it becomes increasingly difficult to supply, the Development Assistance Programs Monitoring Office (BMPAD, for its acronym in French) assured that the stations have “enough fuel ” to dispatch the population.

The agency pointed out in a statement that it follows “with great attention the situation of the national oil market.”

In that order, he said that the oil companies have placed orders and that others will be made as soon as possible to guarantee the permanent availability of the products.

Haitians criticize the “economic agents” who are supposedly trying to create a fuel crisis so that the government will increase their prices, as has happened on other occasions.

As a consequence of the situation, the number of cars on the streets is starting to decrease and people already fear that the price of public transport will increase in the coming days.

Sunrise Airways reported on its Twitter account that due to fuel shortages at the Port-au-Prince international airport, some of its flights to Cap Haitien, Les Cayes and Jeremie “may be delayed or cancelled.”

The airline offers its apologies for a situation that is “out of its control”.

Fuel shortages have become a recurring problem in Haiti in recent years. Every time this happens, the informal market increases and fires multiply due to inadequate storage conditions in homes.


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