Haitian gangs near the border, the Dominicans are worried

Haitian gangs near the border, the Dominicans are worried

Haitian criminal gangs have spread through towns in the north, northwest, and northeast of Haiti, en route to the Dominican border.

This situation worries the inhabitants of these Haitian areas and alerts the Dominican authorities, who have taken measures, with greater military reinforcement to protect the Dominican border.

Meanwhile, the gourde is undergoing a gradual process of devaluation against the Dominican peso, due to inflation, kidnappings, insecurity, political instability and other ills, currency exchangers said. money, merchants and other Haitian sectors, interviewed by Listín Diario at the common border bridge.
Oninté François, a shopkeeper from Mon Organized in the Ouanaminthe neighborhood near the Dominican border, said her dream, like those of other Haitians, is to settle in the Dominican Republic because kidnappings, insecurity , inflation and lack of jobs, they make people desperate.

“We Haitians are desperate, we don’t know what to do with the kidnappings, the delinquency, the crimes in the streets, the lack of food, there is nowhere to go, only for the Dominican Republic and they even limit our entry,” lamented the Haitian merchant, interviewed yesterday by Listin Diario at the local border bridge.

In turn, he explained that in Haiti there are many forms of kidnapping and lamented that apparently these gangs have extended their activities to communities near the Dominican border. Meanwhile, Fort Liberté human rights activist Antoine Désir said kidnapping gangs keep Haitians in a sad and desperate environment.
In this regard, he added that the 400 Mawozo gang, under the command of Germine Joly, is in decline due to the beatings dealt to it by the Haitian Police, but that other small groups have emerged, and with actions very dangerous.


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