Haitian scholarship students in Cuba in difficulty

Haitian scholarship students in Cuba in difficulty

In Cuba, about fifty Haitian scholarship holders are abandoned by the state of their country and face serious economic difficulties. For 24 months, these students have not received any allowance from the Haitian government.

In correspondence sent to our editors, these students laid bare the lamentable situation in which they find themselves on Cuban soil. They face problems that seriously affect their daily lives in Cuba. For 24 months, students have not received the allowance that the state has agreed to give them. While the fees should be allocated monthly to scholarship recipients during their studies.

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“Indeed, we bring to your attention that the allowance received by Haitian students in Cuba attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship is 24 months behind schedule, the total of which per scholarship holder represents the sum of $2,400 USD”, explain the students in the letter, while expressing their displeasure and dismay at the “I don’t care” behavior of the authorities in place.

The students claim to have taken many steps with the Embassy of Haiti in Cuba and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but they have so far remained in vain. The authorities concerned close their ears to the cries of these students for whom the allowance is of paramount importance considering that they cannot work in Cuba. Add to this, the deterioration of the socio-economic and security situation in Haiti makes it impossible for parents to send any assistance to students.


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