Haiti’s Prime Minister Visits Belgium for EU-CELAC Summit

Haiti’s Prime Minister Visits Belgium for EU-CELAC Summit

Haiti’s Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, embarked on a trip to Belgium on Saturday, July 15, to take part in the EU-CELAC summit. This visit holds significant diplomatic importance for Haiti, as it marks a major event in their international relations. The Prime Minister’s visit provides a valuable opportunity to engage with leaders from various European, Latin American, and Caribbean countries.

The two-day summit, scheduled from July 17 to 18, 2023, will gather more than thirty heads of state and government who will focus on shared issues of interest. Prime Minister Henry will use this occasion to hold bilateral meetings with his counterparts, fostering diplomatic relations and exploring potential collaborations in different areas.

Overall, the Haitian Prime Minister’s presence at the EU-CELAC summit in Belgium holds considerable diplomatic significance.

It serves as a crucial platform to establish international relations, advocate for Haiti’s interests, draw attention to national challenges, and seek support from the international community to promote sustainable development and stability in the country.


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