He releases a gang leader…

He releases a gang leader…

The gang leader of “Kokorat San Ras”, Williams Raymond, released by the Commissioner of the Government of Gonaïves, Sérard Gasius, had 2 criminal files in progress. The first concerns a trial in the criminal court, continued in 2022 and the second, the order of which has not yet been issued by Judge Louima Louidor, for kidnapping.

For the time being, the police are actively looking for the boss, who would be in the pay of several powerful politicians in Artibonite.

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Released on April 28, the leader of the “Kokorat San Ras” gang, Williams Raymond, is currently in Ouanaminthe and was preparing to cross into the Dominican Republic, according to our information. The bandit would be close to powerful political leaders in the Artibonite.

Sérard Gazius used an order issued in favor of the leader of the “Kokorat San Ras” gang, Williams Raymond, more than 2 years ago, i.e. in January 2021, to release him while the boss is involved in another file, put in continuation before the criminal court.


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