Tuesday, December 5

In the Council of Ministers, Ariel Henry renews the commitment to increase the price of fuel

Despite the situation of terror that reigned everywhere across the country, this Tuesday, September 13, the government wants to insist on the increase in fuel prices. During a Council of Ministers held on Tuesday, the Prime Minister once again shows the will to revise upwards the price of gasoline at the pump.

According to sources close to the Primature, gasoline could reach 570 gourdes, diesel could be sold at 670 gourdes while kerosene could be bought at 665 gourdes. These prices mentioned in this article are not yet official (note).

As a reminder, thousands of citizens took to the streets on Tuesday in Port-au-Prince, its surroundings and in other regions of the country to demonstrate against the possible increase in the price of petroleum products. Petrol pumps were vandalized, the premises of some commercial banks were attacked by protesters.

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