Tuesday, December 5

Innovative Support Program for Haitian Carriers

The Haitian government has announced a bold initiative to address the financial challenges faced by carriers in the country. As part of an innovative pilot program, fuel cards will be distributed to support the transportation sector, which is experiencing increasing economic pressures.

Minister of Commerce, Ricardin Saint Jean, unveiled the details of this ambitious program. In its initial phase, the program will target 25,000 transport drivers, each of whom will receive a credit of 15,000 gourdes. The objective of this initiative is to provide immediate relief to drivers grappling with continuously rising fuel costs. The distribution of the cards is scheduled to begin next week, offering a crucial opportunity for selected carriers to benefit from this assistance.

However, this initial step is only a part of the whole. Minister Saint Jean emphasized that the ultimate goal of the program is to reach up to 100,000 drivers, thus impacting a significant portion of key stakeholders in Haiti’s transportation sector. This ambitious endeavor showcases the government’s commitment to addressing the concrete and immediate needs of carriers, who often find themselves on the front lines of the country’s economic and logistical challenges.

In terms of funding, the government has committed to allocating substantial resources to ensure the success of this initiative. Minister Saint Jean revealed that the Government plans to allocate a total amount of 1.6 billion gourdes, underscoring its dedication to the economic well-being of carriers. This sum will not only serve to provide credits to drivers but also to invest in the stability and vitality of Haiti’s transportation sector.

This initiative marks a significant step in the Haitian government’s efforts to alleviate the financial challenges faced by carriers. By offering immediate financial support and considering a large-scale expansion, the fuel card distribution program demonstrates a strong commitment to promoting resilience and long-term prosperity within the country’s transportation sector.

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