Saturday, December 2

Justin Trudeau strongly criticizes the lack of action by the Haitian government in response to the crisis

During a recent press conference, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, expressed deep concern regarding the ongoing political and security crisis in Haiti. He also accused the government led by Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry of not taking the situation seriously enough, despite the multiple aids and supports provided by Canada over the past decades.

Justin Trudeau emphasized that Canada had consistently sought to closely collaborate with Haitian authorities to contribute to the country’s stability, but the expected results were slow to materialize. He referred to a dire humanitarian situation and persistent challenges that the Haitian people face on a daily basis.

“We have spent three decades being present in Haiti at various moments, working to contain violence, political instability, and this dire humanitarian situation. Despite thirty years of support and investment, we are now faced with one of the worst situations we have ever seen,” stated Mr. Trudeau.

The Canadian Prime Minister also underscored the importance of international cooperation in addressing the complex issues Haiti is facing. He highlighted that the international community must persist in supporting the Haitian people to help establish lasting political stability and improve on-the-ground living conditions.

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