Magalie Habitant Summoned by the Port-au-Prince Prosecutor’s Office

Magalie Habitant Summoned by the Port-au-Prince Prosecutor’s Office

Barely has she turned her back on Ariel Henry, Magalie Habitant finds herself at the center of a new controversy. She has been summoned by the Port-au-Prince Prosecutor’s Office to appear this Friday, February 9th.

In a formal invitation, the Port-au-Prince Prosecutor’s Office cited Madame Habitant to respond to serious accusations, including incitement to violence and conspiracy against the security of the state.

It is worth noting that this summons comes in the wake of a series of significant events in the Haitian political landscape. Last week, Magalie Habitant, who had previously supported Ariel Henry, abruptly changed course by calling for the departure of the de facto Prime Minister, invoking Article 20 of the December 21st agreement. This abrupt about-face surprised many political observers and elicited mixed reactions among the population.

Magalie Habitant’s supporters wasted no time in reacting to this summons, labeling the accusations against her as political persecution maneuvers. They see this move as an attempt to silence a dissenting voice and suppress any opposition to the current government.


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