Mariano Fernández, former head of MINUSTAH suggests military action in Haiti

Mariano Fernández, former head of MINUSTAH suggests military action in Haiti
The head of the MINUSTAH mission in Haiti, Chilean Mariano Fernandez (C), speaks with a journalist at the end of a press conference with Uruguay's Foreign Affairs Minister Luis Almagro (out of picture), after a meeting between South American defense and foreign ministers with Fernandez, in Montevideo on September 8, 2011. South American nations with troops deployed in the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti are gathering to discuss a gradual drawdown of the force beginning in 2012 after eight years on the ground. The move to rethink the role of the 12,000-member MINUSTAH peacekeeping force comes as it is increasingly under fire in Haiti -- blamed for a cholera epidemic and more recently an alleged sexual assault of a Haitian youth. AFP PHOTO / Daniel CASELLI (Photo credit should read DANIEL CASELLI/AFP via Getty Images)

The former head of the United Nations Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti (Minustah), the Chilean Mariano Fernández, judged Thursday that a “military action” in Haiti was relevant and should provide assistance to the police to attack the armed gangs.

After describing the situation as “fragile” and “complicated”, Fernández believes that a military force in this country must be followed by a development plan that reduces the difficulties of the population.

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Only thus, assures Fernández, will there be any chance of success for a campaign led by foreign military forces to achieve political and social stability, as a prelude to economic and human development in the impoverished country.


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