Moise Jean Charles calls for the intensification of mobilization

Moise Jean Charles calls for the intensification of mobilization

As announced, the leader of Pitit Dessalines at the head of a huge crowd demonstrated, this Monday, October 17, in front of the premises of the United States Embassy in Tabarre. The former senator from the North, Jean Charles Moise was to address the American government. Security forces used live ammunition and tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The demonstrators threw stones at the Haitian police officers who formed the security cordon in order to be able to protect the embassy.

Despite the behavior of the police, Moise Jean Charles did not give up, he turned back to go again to the premises of the embassy to address the American authorities. The political activist, Abel Loreston, severely criticized the Haitian police institution for ordering the agents to use force to quell the mobilization.
Moise Jean Charles who finally delivered his speech denounced the interference of the international, namely the United States, France and Canada, in the internal affairs of Haiti. “If Ariel Henry does not resign, there will be no sleep”, we quote Moise Jean Charles.

The former elected representative of the North in the Senate of the Republic announces the intensification of the mobilization. “The coming week we will go to the ministers, otherwise they resign,” said Moise.

The leader calls on hotel owners to no longer receive high state dignitaries so as not to become the target of demonstrators, because, he says, the mobilization will be intensified in the days to come. He encourages people from all departments to come to Port-au-Prince for a final battle, calling on everyone to arm themselves with machetes to fight the guardians of the system.


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