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OFATMA supports disabled individuals in Haiti

The Office of Work Accident, Sickness, and Maternity Insurance (OWASMI) officially launched a new health insurance program called PROSH (OFATMA Health Disability Program) (OHDP) during a launch ceremony held on July 10. This initiative aims to support people living with disabilities in Haiti.

The presence of the Minister of Social Affairs, Odney Pierre Ricot, the Secretary of State for the Integration of Disabled Persons, Gérnard Joseph, the Director General of OFATMA (in french), Dr. Carl François, as well as numerous participants, testified to the importance given to this cause.

The PROSH (in french) program aims to initially assist 1,000 people living with disabilities. Dr. Carl François welcomed this initiative, emphasizing that it demonstrates strong solidarity towards disabled individuals. In his speech, the Director General reiterated that 10% of the Haitian population, approximately 1.5 million people, face physical disabilities.

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He also assured that the PROSH program would be maintained even under future administrations, while committing to expanding its impact and reaching a greater number of beneficiaries. Both Minister Odney Pierre Ricot and Secretary of State for the Integration of Disabled Persons, Gérnard Joseph, praised this initiative aimed at improving the lives of people living with disabilities.

The Minister expressed his awareness of the challenges these individuals face on a daily basis, highlighting that they are often marginalized, humiliated, and forgotten. Despite this, he encouraged them to show courage and perseverance in the face of obstacles. The beneficiaries of the program expressed their gratitude to OFATMA and the Secretary of State for the Integration of Disabled Persons for making this initiative possible.

However, they hope that the government, through the Secretary, can do more to meet their specific needs. OFATMA’s PROSH program marks an important milestone in improving access to healthcare for people living with disabilities in Haiti. It demonstrates the government’s commitment to social inclusion and the protection of the rights of disabled individuals.

With the continued support of relevant authorities and organizations, this program has the potential to positively change the lives of many Haitians living with disabilities by providing them with a better quality of life and equitable access to healthcare services. This initiative thus demonstrates a willingness to create a more equitable and inclusive society for all Haitian citizens, regardless of their disability status.

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