Panic in Bon Repos as 4 Police Officers are Killed

Panic in Bon Repos as 4 Police Officers are Killed

The National Union of the Haitian Police has today confirmed the tragic deaths of four of its members in an armed attack on the Bon Repos Sub-Police Station, which occurred on Thursday, February 29, 2024. Among the victims were three officers from the 26th, 31st, and 32nd promotions, as well as a Principal Inspector, all of whom fell victim to the assailants’ gunfire.

According to information provided by police authorities, this attack was carried out by suspected members of the criminal group “Viv Ansanm.” These armed and organized criminals launched a sudden assault on the police station, catching law enforcement officers off guard, who were quickly overwhelmed by the intensity of the attack.

In an unprecedented display of violence, the assailants not only seized control of the Bon Repos Sub-Police Station but also succeeded in commandeering a police armored vehicle, thereby enhancing their ability to spread terror throughout the region.


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