Release of a hostage by the Police, a policeman shot dead

Release of a hostage by the Police, a policeman shot dead

The Police thwarted a kidnapping attempt, this Tuesday, March 28, 2023, at Avenue Pouplard during an operation. This is yet another case of kidnapping diverted by the Police in recent weeks. The alert was communicated by the Intelligence and Operations Center, reporting the kidnapping of a lady in Delmas 30, by armed individuals, aboard a gray Mazda Pick-up, heading towards the downtown Port-au-Prince.

All the Jurisdictional Intervention Brigades were mobilized as part of this operation in order to defeat the thugs. In an attempt to escape with the hostage, the alleged bandits walked through several streets, including Alix Roi, Saint-Antoine, Ruelle Chrétien, shooting in all directions.

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Under heavy fire from the police, the thugs had to abandon the vehicle, and as a result, the hostage was released by the police.

During this operation, the police officer Alphonse Lovensky, Agent 2, assigned to the Sub-Commission of the Fort was shot in the head. Transported urgently to a hospital center, he succumbed to his injuries.

It should be noted that the vehicle in question involved in this coup was confiscated by the Police.


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