Rifts Over Presidential Council Leadership Expose Deep Divisions

Rifts Over Presidential Council Leadership Expose Deep Divisions

Disagreements, notably regarding the appointment of the President of the Presidential Council, have brought to light profound disparities among influential members of this pivotal institution.

According to sources close to the Council, there have been shifts following intense debates among advisors, particularly concerning the controversial appointment of Edgard Leblanc Fils as President of the Presidential Council. Despite these dissensions, a fragile agreement has been reached to retain Leblanc Fils as the head of the PC, albeit under certain conditions.

The proposal, originating from the dissenting minority, recommends that all critical decisions related to the political transition, such as the selection of the prime minister, the government’s composition, and the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), require the approval of a qualified majority of five out of the seven Presidential Council members. This proposal aims to ensure a more consensual and inclusive decision-making process within the institution.

Leslie Voltaire, representing Fanmi Lavalas within the Presidential Council, stated that the majority of advisors had accepted this agreement, acknowledging the need to find a compromise to overcome internal disagreements and ensure institutional stability in this critical period.


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