Tuesday, December 5

That the files of the sanctioned politicians be handed over to Haitian justice, demands the Patriotic Action party

The political party “Patriotic Action (A.P)” determined in the fight for the emergence of a new political class, intends to continue in a conjunctural manner to promote a national agreement, focused on its three (3) priorities defined in our compromise document policies that are: security; finances, and the realization of free, honest and democratic elections.

The political party “Aksion Patriotique (A.P)” has observed for more than three decades, a dictatorship of public spaces and/or politics to the benefit of traditional policies. The clientelism and voracity of our actors since more than thirty years (30) have allowed us to enter the budget conspiracy, the excessive banditry and the violation of the constitution.

In the name of our Haitian brothers and sisters, the members of the political party “Patriotic Action (AP)” strongly condemn the disrespectful, insensitive and dishonest behavior of unscrupulous Haitian leaders who pillage and finance the almost daily insecurity of our beloved country . “Patriotic Action (AP)” is deeply saddened, because this great caravan against impunity launched by the international community is not the work of our Haitian justice.

However, Aksyon Patriyotik (AP) requests that the investigations be deepened and that the files of the people indexed in the list be shared with the Haitian judicial system and then made public. The party believes that the time has come to promote a strong state of law without counterweights, in a fair trial for all.

The country greatly needs fresh air, and the party firmly believes that we must overcome this political storm. This is why the Patriotic Action (A.P) urges young Haitians to rally to this cause for a new honest political class, inspired and worthy of our ancestors whose interests would be their real fight.

For the directory:

Fritz Gérald Chevalier, President

Fenley Cius, Vice President

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