The alarming increase in abductions in Port-au-Prince

The alarming increase in abductions in Port-au-Prince

While the populace had hoped for a respite following a relatively calm period, the city of Port-au-Prince finds itself once again rocked by a deeply concerning surge in abductions. Recent statistics unveil a notable uptick in kidnapping incidents over recent days, fostering an atmosphere of heightened anxiety and insecurity among residents.

The neighborhoods of Delmas, Pétion-ville, and downtown are witnessing the brunt of this escalating wave of abductions. Inhabitants live in constant dread of falling prey to criminal elements, with the specter of danger now looming over every thoroughfare and district.

Confronted with this dire scenario, local authorities are urgently calling upon law enforcement to heighten vigilance and redouble efforts in combating these abhorrent criminal acts. Enhanced patrols are being deployed in vulnerable zones; however, despite these measures, the populace remains ensnared in a pervasive state of uncertainty and fear.


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