Tuesday, December 5

The earth shook in Les Cayes…

Yesterday, on Sunday, September 3rd, at 4:35 PM, the southern region of the country was rattled by an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.6. Although this earthquake was of low intensity, it caused concern among the local population.

According to data collected by the specialized organization Volcano Discover, the epicenter of this earthquake was located approximately 30 kilometers northwest of the city of Les Cayes. This precise location was identified as the point of origin of the seismic activity. Fortunately, no loss of life or significant property damage has been reported to date.

However, even though the consequences of this earthquake were relatively minor, it instilled great fear among the residents of the region. Earthquakes are unpredictable events that serve as a reminder of the fragility of our natural environment and the necessity to prepare for such occurrences.

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