UN official argues for foreign force intervention in Haiti

UN official argues for foreign force intervention in Haiti

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights sees the need for the intervention of a foreign force in Haiti in order to be able to rid the country of the gangs that terrorize the population. Volker Turk announced his intention during his visit on February 8 to Port-au-Prince.

8 July to 31 December 2022 gang violence resulted in 263 murders in the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Cité Soleil, the impoverished and densely populated commune near the capital Port-au-Prince. It documented at least 57 gang rapes of women and girls, as well as kidnappings and sexual exploitation.

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On one day alone, 8 July 2022, gang members murdered 95 people, including six children one of whom was two years of age.

The G-9 gang has spread terror by using snipers, who indiscriminately kill anyone who enter their field of vision, the report said, adding that on average six people are killed each week by snipers. 


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