UNICEF appeal for solidarity with schools affected by violence

UNICEF appeal for solidarity with schools affected by violence
Students from the National Miserne School. During his official visit to Haiti, Regional Director went to Les Cayes to see what UNICEF gives as response of the earthquake that shook the Great South on 14 August 2021. During the visit, in the company of the Minister of Education and a delegation from the Mexican Embassy, Garry Conille visited the Miserne School, which had been destroyed and rehabilitated by UNICEF with financial support from AECID and took part in the presentation of certificates to teachers who had been trained in the use of the Manuel Unique. Photographer: Duples

“Speaking of the right to education and the pursuit of school activities, I cannot but ask you most humbly to express your solidarity with your brothers and sisters who live in the Artibonite and in Port-au-Prince. Let them know that they are not alone in these difficult times. They did not ask not to go to school”, such is one of the key messages delivered by the representative of UNICEF in Haiti during the closing, Saturday, in Port-Salut, of the workshop of three days, on the right to education and the pursuit of school activities.

This was also the message conveyed by Professor Auguste D’Meza, representative of Minister Nesmy Manigat at this activity.

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“Because of the uncertainties, schools are forced to close their doors to express their fed up with violence, I would ask you, even via WhatsApp, to send a word of comfort to these young people deprived of education today. learning atmosphere in their classroom”, insisted Professor Auguste D’Meza, who praised the enthusiasm of the participants in this workshop, but also and above all the partnership between the MENFP and UNICEF going in the meaning of the search for the well-being of Haitian students.

In addition, the UNICEF representative took the time to commend the relevance of the recommendations and analyzes made during this workshop. These reflections will help to finalize this communication strategy around the right to education in all circumstances and to launch the related campaign during the course of this month, noted Bruno Maes who reiterated the commitment of UNICEF Haiti, to continue to work with all the vital forces of the nation in order to contribute to the strengthening of the Haitian education system.

Bruno Maes did not fail to salute the dynamism of Minister Nesmy Manigat who, he said, never ceases to defend this cause while working for inclusive, equitable and quality education in Haiti.

This workshop, which brought together more than forty school principals, teachers, youth associations, U-Reporters, representatives of school councils mainly from the school districts of Port-Salut and Côteaux, the directors of the education departments of the South, South-East, Grand-Anse and Nippes, was an opportunity to call for a great mobilization in favor of the Haitian school caught in the pincers indiscriminate violence in Port-au-Prince and in some localities of Bas-Artibonite.

Carried out by the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENF) jointly with UNICEF, this meeting – in accordance with its primary objective – made it possible to collect innovative ideas and recommendations from young people and other actors in the field with a view to continuing the advocacy in favor of the school; which calls for the mobilization of the educational community, state structures, civil society organizations and partners from the international community.

At the end of this workshop, an alliance was formed around the campaign for the right to education and the pursuit of learning activities in the Deep South. The same approach will be repeated in the other departments.


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