United States Provides Military Support to Haiti

United States Provides Military Support to Haiti

The Biden administration has announced today its commitment to provide over $60 million in military aid to Haiti. This decision arises within the context of deploying a multinational force to aid the country following a series of political and humanitarian crises.

According to official sources, this aid package will encompass a diverse array of essential military equipment. Noteworthy inclusions consist of 80 Humvees, 35 MaxxPro infantry vehicles, high-precision sniper rifles, and advanced surveillance drones. These assets are intended to bolster the security and defense capabilities of the Haitian government amidst persistent turmoil.

A portion of these resources has already been transported to the country and will be allocated to local security forces, particularly the police, to assist in addressing escalating security challenges. The objective of this assistance is to aid Haitian authorities in their endeavors to restore stability and safeguard citizenry.


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