Monday, September 25

William O’Neill calls on Luis Abinader to reconsider his decision…

The recent closure of the borders between the Dominican Republic and Haiti has raised international concerns. United Nations independent human rights expert William O’Neill has expressed alarm at this decision and has called on Dominican President Luis Abinader to reconsider it.

This border closure occurred in response to the construction of a canal on the Massacre River, an initiative that, according to Haitian authorities, does not violate agreements between the two countries regarding the river.

The current situation between the Dominican Republic and Haiti is tense, with significant implications for human rights and bilateral relations. William O’Neill, as a United Nations independent expert, has spoken out to urge both nations to return to the negotiating table to resolve this dispute peacefully and diplomatically.

The closure of borders between the two countries has serious consequences for the populations on both sides of the border. It hinders the free movement of people, goods, and services, which can have a major economic and social impact. Furthermore, this decision threatens the fundamental rights of people living in these border areas, including the right to mobility and access to essential services such as healthcare.

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