5,000 Soldiers Needed to Restore Peace in Haiti

5,000 Soldiers Needed to Restore Peace in Haiti

Kenya’s President, William Ruto, captured the attention of the European Parliament by emphasizing the urgent need for a robust response to the persistent threat of armed gangs in Haiti. In a speech marked by determination, President Ruto advocated for a substantial deployment of 5,000 soldiers to restore peace and security in the Caribbean nation.

Describing the critical situation in Haiti, the President highlighted the imperative need for immediate action to counter the criminal activities of armed gangs. He made an urgent appeal to the European Union, calling for active support for the Multinational Security Support Mission in Haiti.

The Kenyan leader insisted on the essential deployment of 5,000 soldiers, emphasizing that the mission requires a vigorous response to the increasing complexity of security challenges. According to him, only determined action will restore stability and counter the forces undermining the foundations of Haitian society.


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