Administrative Restructuring in Jérémie Following Protests Led by Guy Philippe

Administrative Restructuring in Jérémie Following Protests Led by Guy Philippe

In the aftermath of recent demonstrations that rattled the city of Jérémie at the instigation of Guy Philippe, the government under Ariel Henry has responded by implementing significant changes within the departmental delegation and the municipal administration. These announced modifications, disclosed this Monday, are aimed at mitigating tensions and reinstating order in the region.

Paulemont Michel, an emerging figure, has been designated as the new Departmental Delegate for Grand’Anse. This appointment is part of the government’s endeavors to establish capable leadership that can address the concerns of the population and restore stability in the region. Paulemont Michel will now be tasked with the challenge of rebuilding trust and working towards resolving local issues.

At the municipal level in Jérémie, several changes have been made in the positions of interim executive officers. Pierre Sylmata, Joël Jean Baptiste, and Yvrose Pierre Alexandre have been appointed to assume these crucial roles. Their mission will involve ensuring the day-to-day management of municipal affairs, collaborating with the departmental delegation, and striving for the well-being of the population.

These administrative adjustments come against the backdrop of protests led by Guy Philippe expressing various discontentments, ranging from socio-economic concerns to specific demands regarding local governance. Ariel Henry’s government seems to be actively responding to legitimate grievances while simultaneously restoring order and ensuring a stable transition to a new era of governance in the Grand’Anse region.


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