Anti-government protests are rocking several Haitian cities

Anti-government protests are rocking several Haitian cities

Members of the opposition take to the streets in Pétion-Ville, Gonaïves, Fort-Liberté, Hinche, Thomonde, and other locales. Their clear objective: to compel Ariel Henry to resign as Prime Minister, accusing him of incompetence and inaction in the face of the escalating threat posed by armed gangs.

In an unprecedented movement in recent months, protesters are displaying impressive collective energy, chanting slogans demanding immediate action against the growing influence of gangs that are causing bloodshed across the country. Signs bearing messages such as “Enough, Henry!”, “Security first!”, and “For a Haiti without violence!” are being waved with determined resolve.

This protest, widely supported by various segments of society, reflects the increasing frustration with the apparent inability of the government to ensure the safety of its citizens. Recent incidents of violence, including kidnappings, shootings, and acts of vandalism, have spread terror among the population and contributed to widespread discontent.


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