Ariel Henry and Mirlande Manigat Moving Towards Agreement

Ariel Henry and Mirlande Manigat Moving Towards Agreement

In an apparent effort to ease political tensions in Haiti, Prime Minister Ariel Henry and the President of the High Transitional Council, Mirlande Manigat, have recently held two meetings in the past few days. These meetings follow concerns expressed by Mrs. Manigat regarding the alleged non-compliance with the December 21 Agreement.

The first meeting took place on Friday, November 3, followed by another on Wednesday, November 8. According to well-informed sources, these discussions were fruitful and helped resolve disputes between the two political leaders.

The December 21 Agreement, initially designed as a roadmap for political transition, had raised concerns about its effective implementation. Recent statements from Mirlande Manigat seemed to indicate differences of opinion among the parties involved in the transition process.

However, the meetings between Ariel Henry and Mirlande Manigat laid the foundation for mutual understanding. While the precise details of the agreements reached remain confidential at the moment, sources close to both parties assure that significant progress has been made in resolving the disputes.

This political reconciliation marks a significant step towards stability and unity in Haiti, underscoring the leaders’ willingness to overcome disagreements and work together for the good of the country.


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