Saturday, December 2

Brutal attack on Rhum BAKARA’s premises leaves 2 employees dead

Last night, Rhum Bakara, a renowned rum company based in Croix-des-Bouquets, fell victim to a shocking and violent attack when a group of armed bandits stormed their premises. Tragically, two employees lost their lives, and four others sustained injuries during the terrifying incident.

The assailants executed a well-coordinated assault, deliberately setting three trucks ablaze and making off with eight more, leaving a trail of destruction behind. Moreover, they brazenly stole numerous crates of highly valuable rum from the company’s stocks.

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Adding to the gravity of the situation, the company officials are now faced with the grim reality that tankers filled with inflammable substances pose a serious threat of explosion at any given moment.

In a desperate plea for immediate assistance, Rhum Bakara has issued an urgent SOS to both local and national authorities, urging them to act swiftly in order to avert a potential catastrophe that not only endangers the lives of their dedicated staff but also puts the lives of nearby residents at risk.

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