COVID-19: The government is relaunching the vaccination campaign

COVID-19: The government is relaunching the vaccination campaign

The Haitian Ministry of Public Health on Tuesday relaunched its vaccination campaign against covid-19 during a ceremony held in Port-au-Prince in a context of categorical rejection of the vaccine by the population and refusal to believe in the presence disease in Haiti. Only 1.4% of the population has been vaccinated.

The relaunch took place in the presence of members of the government and international organizations associated with the fight against the pandemic.

The person in charge of vaccination at the Ministry of Public Health, Dieula Louissaint, was pleased that the country was able to face the covid-19 pandemic, and underlined that this campaign aims to raise awareness among the population of the need to protect against the ever-present disease.

During this relaunch, no less than 400 motorcycles and around ten vehicles were delivered to the departmental directorates of the ministry to support the campaign.


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