Haiti: 4 Gang Leaders Sanctioned by the UN

Haiti: 4 Gang Leaders Sanctioned by the UN

Last Friday, the United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee decided to impose sanctions on four individuals involved in serious criminal activities that have worsened the already precarious situation in Haiti. The sanctioned individuals are Johnson André, also known as Izo, Renel Destina, alias Ti Lapli, Wilson Joseph (Lamo San jou), and Vitelhom Innocent.

These individuals are reputed to be the masterminds behind some of the most brutal acts of violence and serious criminal activities in Haiti. The Sanctions Committee took this measure with the aim of curbing the harmful influence of these gang leaders and contributing to restoring peace and security in the country. The sanctions include asset freezes, travel bans, and arms restrictions.

These measures are intended to weaken the capacity of the sanctioned individuals to carry out acts of violence and compromise the stability of the nation. The UN emphasized that the Security Council Sanctions Committee has the flexibility to add more names to the list at any time, depending on the evolving situation on the ground.

This flexibility allows the Security Council to respond quickly and effectively to developments that could threaten peace and security in Haiti.


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