Haitians around the world are mobilizing for a peaceful revolution

Haitians around the world are mobilizing for a peaceful revolution

Thousands of Haitians have gathered in different parts of the world to participate in a historic march in support of Haiti. Cities such as Florida, New Jersey, Boston, Ottawa, Toronto, Paris, and many others have witnessed this unprecedented mobilization.

The initiative for this march comes from Pastor Gregory Toussaint, who has brought together Haitians, whether they are residents of Haiti or living abroad, in a collective movement to make their voices heard.

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The city of Port-au-Prince in Haiti was the scene of one of the largest demonstrations of the day, where thousands of people marched together under the evocative theme “Souf Pou Ayiti” (Suffering for Haiti). This march aimed to denounce the major problems facing the country, including poor governance, increasing insecurity, and the long-standing economic crisis.

The protesters expressed their frustration with the current situation and called for concrete actions to solve the problems plaguing Haiti. They chanted slogans, carried signs, and waved Haitian flags, demonstrating their determination to make their voices heard and bring about positive changes in their country.


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