Monday, December 4

Haiti’s Human Rights: Urging Accountability and Local Solutions

William O’Neill, an independent expert on the human rights situation in Haiti, held a press conference on June 28, 2023, where he shared the findings of his ten-day visit to the country.

Speaking at the Karibe Hotel in Pétion-Ville, O’Neill discussed his meetings with local authorities, representatives from civil society organizations, and his visits to the National Penitentiary and the prison in Cap-Haitien.

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O’Neill emphasized the importance of a Haitian-led solution, stating, “Haiti’s path forward must be driven by its own people. It requires the establishment of performance and monitoring systems to ensure accountability and integrity at all levels of the hierarchical chain.”

In his assessment, O’Neill stressed the need for Haitian institutions to implement measures that promote transparency and hold individuals accountable for their actions. He underlined the significance of building a system that upholds the principles of justice and human rights.

O’Neill’s visit aimed to shed light on the human rights situation in Haiti and provide valuable insights to assist in addressing the challenges faced by the country. By emphasizing the need for local ownership and robust systems of oversight, he hopes to contribute to the development of a more accountable and just society in Haiti.

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